Fire extinguisher servicing and fire extinguisher maintenance for your business

Based in Preston, we are ideally situated to supply, install and service fire extinguishers throughout the North West of England. Our BAFE accredited service engineers are fully certified to carry out extinguisher installation and servicing in accordance with British Standards BS5306-3 & BS5306-8. Our aim is to provide a high quality customer experience for both the on-site service and the management of your account.

Many fire extinguisher companies will quote you a low annual service price in order to gain your business. Then, at the service, you are presented with a much higher invoice than expected. What they didn't tell you is that their service price does not include extinguisher spare parts (o-rings, tamper seals etc) or in some cases an attendance fee!  At Lancashire Fire Protection, we do not operate this way.

What is included in our annual service price?

We will attend site at a pre-arranged time (we do not just turn up unannounced)

We will determine that the quantity and type of extinguisher is suitable for the risks you have

All extinguishers will receive an annual service (see video below for the annual service procedure)

We will issue certification to state your premises complies with British Standards BS5306-3 & BS5306-8

What could cost me extra?

Refills for extinguishers found used or due their 5 yearly extended service (applies to Water, Foam & Wet Chemical extinguishers). See below video for what is included in the 5 yearly extended service

Powder extinguishers due their extended service will be replaced with a service-exchange extinguisher

Fitting or re-fitting extinguisher mounting brackets (no charge for mounting newly supplied extinguishers)

Replacement extinguishers due to damage, fault or extinguishers at the end of their life (i.e. CO2 extinguisher - 10 years)

There are plenty of fire companies out there, why should I choose Lancashire Fire Protection over another company?

1. Service - We pride ourselves on offering a quality service; every part of the extinguisher service that  should be carried out,  is carried out, with no short-cuts. Most other companies won't spend the time to carry out extended services when they are due; they prefer to tell you that you need a replacement as this saves them time and they also make more money on the sale of a new extinguisher. This is  not how we operate at Lancashire Fire Protection.

2. Price - It goes without saying that you will find our prices very competitive, but that's only half of the story. Most fire companies pay their engineers a low basic salary and expect them to hit sales targets in order to earn commission. Unfortunately, this encourages them to replace extinguishers that do not need replacing in order for them to hit their sales targets. At Lancashire Fire Protection we strongly believe this is not the way to do business; for neither the client or for the engineer. The only target our engineers have is to have zero customer complaints.

3. Warranty - The extinguishers we supply are covered by a 5 year manufacturer's warranty. Most other companies only offer a 1 year warranty. This gives you the peace of mind that should the extinguisher develop a fault within the first 5 years it can be replaced under warranty.

4. Insurance - This is often overlooked when appointing a new service contractor. Let's not forget that fire extinguishers can prevent a small fire from becoming a large fire in the early stages, but for this to happen, they need to work. Over time, extinguishers can develop faults which may result in a failure to operate. Although this is very rare, if this were to happen in your workplace and damage to your building could have been prevented by using an extinguisher, you'd want to ensure your extinguisher contractor has adequate insurance in place. The insurance should include 'efficacy cover', which covers against a failure to operate of the equipment provided. Lancashire Fire Protection have high level insurance policies in place that include efficacy cover.

I'd like Lancashire Fire Protection to carry out my next fire extinguisher service, what do you need to know to give me a quotation?

Call, e-mail or use the form below and we can arrange for a quotation. We just need need to know how many extinguishers you have and if possible, what type (e.g. 5 x Foam, 3 x CO2, 2 x Powder).

If you don't have any fire extinguishers and would like a quotation for a new installation, just state that in the text box and we can arrange a survey.

We aim to respond to your enquiry within 4 hours; if you have not had a reply after 4 hours, please call to ensure your message has been received.

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